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The rise and fall of bars in disc galaxies from $z=1$ to $z=0$. The role of the environment

Yetli Rosas-GuevaraSilvia BonoliCarmen Misa MoreiraDavid Izquierdo-Villalba
Feb 2024
We investigate the influence of the environment on the evolution of barred and unbarred disc galaxies with a mass $>10^{10}\Msun$ from z=1 down to z=0, employing the TNG50 magnetic-hydrodynamical simulation. We find that 49% of z=1 disc galaxies undergoes a morphological transformation, transitioning into either a lenticular or spheroidal, while the other 51% retains the massive disc. The morphological alteration is mostly influenced by the environment. Lenticular and spheroidal galaxies tend to exist in denser environments and have more frequent mergers compared to disc galaxies. We find that over half of the barred galaxies (60.2%) retain the bar structure and have experienced fewer mergers compared to those galaxies that lose their bars (5.6%). These latter ones start with weaker and shorter bars at z=1 influenced by tidal interactions and are frequently observed in more populated areas. Additionally, our study reveals that less than 20% of unbarred galaxies will never develop a bar and exhibit the quietest merger history. Unbarred galaxies that experience bar formation after z=1 exhibit more frequent instances of merging events. Furthermore, tidal interactions with a close companion may account for bar formation in at least one-third of the cases. Our findings highlight that stable bars are prevalent in disc galaxies. Bar evolution may nonetheless be affected by the environment. Interactions with nearby companions or tidal forces caused by mergers have the capacity to disrupt the disc. This perturbance may materialise as the dissolution of the bar, the formation of a bar, or, in its most severe form, the complete destruction of the disc, resulting in morphological transformation. Bars that are weak and short at z=1 and undergo major or minor mergers may eventually dissolve, whereas unbarred galaxies that enter crowded environments or experience a merger may develop a bar.
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