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DOI: 10.3390/universe10020077

Quantum scalar fields interacting with quantum black hole asymptotic regions

Rodolfo GambiniJorge Pullin
Feb 2024
We continue our work on the study of spherically symmetric loop quantum gravity coupled to two spherically symmetric scalar fields, one that acts as a clock. As a consequence of the presence of the latter, we can define a true Hamiltonian for the theory. In previous papers we have studied the theory for large values of the radial coordinate, that is, far away from any black hole or star that may be present. This makes the calculations considerably more tractable. We have shown that in the asymptotic region the theory admits a large family of quantum vacua for quantum matter fields coupled to quantum gravity, as is expected from the well-known results of quantum field theory on classical curved space-time. Here, we study perturbative corrections involving terms that we neglected in our previous work. Using time-dependent perturbation theory, we show that the states that represent different possible vacua are essentially stable. This ensures that one recovers from a totally quantized gravitational theory coupled to matter the standard behavior of a matter quantum field theory plus low probability transitions due to gravity between particles that differ at most by a small amount of energy.
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