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Bootstrapping Audio-Visual Segmentation by Strengthening Audio Cues

Tianxiang ChenZhentao TanTao Gong ...+5 Nenghai Yu
Feb 2024
How to effectively interact audio with vision has garnered considerable interest within the multi-modality research field. Recently, a novel audio-visual segmentation (AVS) task has been proposed, aiming to segment the sounding objects in video frames under the guidance of audio cues. However, most existing AVS methods are hindered by a modality imbalance where the visual features tend to dominate those of the audio modality, due to a unidirectional and insufficient integration of audio cues. This imbalance skews the feature representation towards the visual aspect, impeding the learning of joint audio-visual representations and potentially causing segmentation inaccuracies. To address this issue, we propose AVSAC. Our approach features a Bidirectional Audio-Visual Decoder (BAVD) with integrated bidirectional bridges, enhancing audio cues and fostering continuous interplay between audio and visual modalities. This bidirectional interaction narrows the modality imbalance, facilitating more effective learning of integrated audio-visual representations. Additionally, we present a strategy for audio-visual frame-wise synchrony as fine-grained guidance of BAVD. This strategy enhances the share of auditory components in visual features, contributing to a more balanced audio-visual representation learning. Extensive experiments show that our method attains new benchmarks in AVS performance.
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