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Modal interactions and energy transfers between a linear oscillator and a nonlinear vibration absorber

Lan HuangXiaodong Yang
Feb 2024
Considerable attention has been given to the use of a nonlinear energy sink (NES) as a nonlinear vibration absorber. The NES is an efficient passive control device, which has been the focus of extensive research. In this paper, the modal interactions and the energy transfers between a linear primary system subjected to a harmonically external excitation and a grounded NES are studied. Based on the complexification-averaging method and the fast-slow analysis, this system is reduced from the four-dimensional (4D) real vector fields to the two-dimensional (2D) complex vector fields, namely the slow flow. By analyzing the fast-slow systems, defined on different time scales, the critical manifold is obtained to capture the dynamics of the system. With the change of the system parameters, the critical manifold, projected on its modulus plane, presents distinct structures, that capture diverse types of modal interactions between the linear oscillator and the NES. The numerical results and the Hilbert spectrums verify that the critical manifold on the modulus plane can predict modal interactions and energy transfers on multiple time scales well. Additionally, the two special types of oscillations, namely the point-type oscillations and the ring-type oscillations, cannot be captured by the critical manifold.
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