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G321.3-3.9: a new supernova remnant observed with multi-band radio data and in the SRG/eROSITA All-Sky Surveys

S. MantovaniniW. BeckerA. KhokhriakovaN. Hurley-WalkerG. E. AndersonL. Nicastro
Jan 2024
Detecting a supernova remnant (SNR) along the Galactic plane can be quite challenging. Any new detection reduces the discrepancy between the expected and known number of remnants. In this paper, we present results from a large selection of radio and X-ray data that cover the position of G321.3-3.9. We identified G321.3-3.9 as a new SNR using data collected by several radio surveys spanning a frequency range from 200 MHz to 2300 MHz. Stacked eROSITA data from four consecutive all-sky surveys (eRASS:4) provide spectro-imaging information in the energy band 0.2-8.0 keV. G321.3-3.9 has an elliptical shape with major and minor axes of about 1.7 deg x 1.1 deg. From CHIPASS and S-PASS data, we calculate a spectral index -0.8 +- 0.4, consistent with synchrotron emission from an expanding shell in the Sedov Taylor phase. The eROSITA data show an X-ray diffuse structure filling almost the entire radio shell. Depending on the tested spectral model, a plasma temperature between 0.2 keV (VAPEC) and 0.7 keV (NEI) can be fit. The X-ray spectral analysis allowed us to estimate the column absorption towards G321.3-3.9, which suggests a remnant distance of about 1 kpc by comparison with optical extinction maps.
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