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Optimal quantum teleportation of collaboration

Arkaprabha GhosalJatin GhaiTanmay SahaMir AlimuddinSibasish Ghosh
Jan 2024
We consider a network of three spatially separated labs of Alice, Bob, and Charlie, with a two-qubit state shared between Alice-Bob and Bob-Charlie, and all of them can collaborate through LOCC. We focus on the problem of optimal and deterministic distribution of a quantum teleportation channel (QTC) between Alice and Charlie. This involves distributing a two-qubit entangled state between Alice and Charlie with an optimized fully entangled fraction (FEF) over all three-party trace-preserving (TP) LOCC, exceeding the classical bound. However, we find that the optimal distribution of QTC generally has no one-to-one correspondence with the optimal distribution of entanglement. For some specific class of pre-shared two-qubit states, we identify the set of sufficient TP LOCC strategies that optimally distribute QTC. In this context, the mentioned set is restricted, with Bob initiating operations and subsequently sharing the outcomes with Alice and Charlie. Following Bob's contribution and after it is discarded, Alice and Charlie have the freedom of local post-processing. It seems that if one of the pre-shared entangled states is noisy, the optimal distribution may not necessarily require the other one to be most resourceful, i.e., a maximally entangled state (MES). Furthermore, when both of the pre-shared entangled states are noisy, there are instances where an efficient Bob-assisted protocol (generally a suboptimal protocol distributing a channel with FEF larger than the classical bound) necessarily requires Bob's joint measurement to be either performing projective measurement (PVM) in partially entangled pure states or performing POVM. In this regard, our study also reveals that the RPBES protocol introduced in Ref. [Phys. Rev. Lett. 93. 260501] for efficient entanglement distribution (even optimally for some cases), is not an efficient protocol in general.
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