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Data-efficient Fine-tuning for LLM-based Recommendation

Xinyu LinWenjie WangYongqi Li ...+3 Tat-Seng Chua
Jan 2024
Leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) for recommendation has recently garnered considerable attention, where fine-tuning plays a key role in LLMs' adaptation. However, the cost of fine-tuning LLMs on rapidly expanding recommendation data limits their practical application. To address this challenge, few-shot fine-tuning offers a promising approach to quickly adapt LLMs to new recommendation data. We propose the task of data pruning for efficient LLM-based recommendation, aimed at identifying representative samples tailored for LLMs' few-shot fine-tuning. While coreset selection is closely related to the proposed task, existing coreset selection methods often rely on suboptimal heuristic metrics or entail costly optimization on large-scale recommendation data. To tackle these issues, we introduce two objectives for the data pruning task in the context of LLM-based recommendation: 1) high accuracy aims to identify the influential samples that can lead to high overall performance; and 2) high efficiency underlines the low costs of the data pruning process. To pursue the two objectives, we propose a novel data pruning method based on two scores, i.e., influence score and effort score, to efficiently identify the influential samples. Particularly, the influence score is introduced to accurately estimate the influence of sample removal on the overall performance. To achieve low costs of the data pruning process, we use a small-sized surrogate model to replace LLMs to obtain the influence score. Considering the potential gap between the surrogate model and LLMs, we further propose an effort score to prioritize some hard samples specifically for LLMs. Empirical results on three real-world datasets validate the effectiveness of our proposed method. In particular, the proposed method uses only 2% samples to surpass the full data fine-tuning, reducing time costs by 97%.
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