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Wrist movement classification for adaptive mobile phone based rehabilitation of children with motor skill impairments

Kayleigh SchoorlTamara Pinos CisnerosAlbert Ali Salah and Ben Schouten
Jan 2024
Rehabilitation exercises performed by children with cerebral palsy are tedious and repetitive. To make them more engaging, we propose to use an exergame approach, where an adaptive application can help the child remain stimulated and interested during exercises. In this paper, we describe how the mobile phone sensors can be used to classify wrist movements of the user during the rehabilitation exercises to detect if the user is performing the correct exercise and illustrate the use of our approach in an actual mobile phone application. We also show how an adaptive difficulty system was added to the application to allow the system to adjust to the user. We present experimental results from a pilot with healthy subjects that were constrained to simulate restricted wrist movements, as well as from tests with a target group of children with cerebral palsy. Our results show that wrist movement classification is successfully achieved and results in improved interactions.
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