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Profiles of static liquid-gas interfaces in axisymmetrical containers under different accelerations

Shangtong ChenYong GaoWen LiFenglin DingJintao LiuYong Li
Jan 2024
Second order perturbation solutions of profiles of bubbles suspended in liquid and liquid gas interfaces when liquid all sinks in the bottom under different accelerations are derived. Six procedures are developed based on these solutions, and they are divided into two types. One takes coordinates of endpoints of profiles as inputs, and the other takes liquid volume or gas volume as inputs. Numerical simulation are performed with the Volume of Fluid method and numerical results are in good agreement with predictions of these procedures. Besides, the bigger the acceleration, the more flatter the bubble will be until all liquid sinks to the bottom. Effects of accelerations on bubbles shape must be considered. When liquid all sinks to the bottom, predictions of liquid volume with the same liquid meniscus height as inputs differs a lot under different accelerations. The most significant change of liquid volume is when Bond is much smaller than 1. Effects of accelerations and liquid contact angle on liquid gas interfaces must be considered during evaluating liquid residue, and these findings will be great helpful for liquid residue measurement and fine management in space.
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