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Collective quantum stochastic resonance in Rydberg atoms

Haowei LiKonghao SunWei Yi
Jan 2024
We study the collective response of a group of dissipative Rydberg atoms to a periodic modulation of the Rydberg excitation laser. Focusing on the emergent collective-jump dynamics, where the system stochastically switches between states with distinct Rydberg excitations, we show that the counting statistics of the state switching is qualitatively changed by the periodic drive. The impact is most prominent when the driving frequency is comparable to the emergent collective-jump rate, as the jumps tend to synchronize with the external drive, and their counting statistics exhibits a series of suppressed subharmonics of the driving frequency. These phenomena are manifestations of a novel type of stochastic resonance, where a cooperative collective state switching is facilitated by quantum fluctuations in a many-body open system. Such a collective quantum stochastic resonance further leads to an enhanced signal-to-noise ratio in the power spectrum of the Rydberg excitations, for which the synchronized collective jumps are viewed as the output signal. We confirm the many-body quantum nature of the resonance by devising a cluster model, under which the role of many-body correlations is analyzed by changing the size of the atom clusters.
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