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Robust Error Accumulation Suppression

Tatsuki OdakePhilip TarantoNobuyuki Yoshioka ...+3 Mio Murao
Jan 2024
We present an advanced quantum error suppression technique, which we dub robust error accumulation suppression (REAS). Our method reduces the accumulation of errors in any circuit composed of single- or two-qubit gates expressed as $e^{-i \sigma\theta }$ for Pauli operators $\sigma$ and $\theta \in [0,\pi)$; since such gates form a universal gate set, our results apply to a strictly larger class of circuits than those comprising only Clifford gates, thereby generalizing previous results. In the case of coherent errors -- which include crosstalk -- we demonstrate a reduction of the error scaling in an $L$-depth circuit from $O(L)$ to $O(\sqrt{L})$. Crucially, REAS makes no assumption on the cleanness of the error-suppressing protocol itself and is, therefore, truly robust, applying to situations in which the newly inserted gates have non-negligible coherent noise. Furthermore, we show that REAS can also suppress certain types of decoherence noise by transforming some gates to be robust against such noise, which is verified by the demonstration of the quadratic suppression of error scaling in the numerical simulation. Our results, therefore, present an advanced, robust method of error suppression that can be used in conjunction with error correction as a viable path toward fault-tolerant quantum computation.
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