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Depends-Kotlin: A Cross-Language Kotlin Dependency Extractor

Qiong FengXiaotian MaHuan JiPeng Liang
Jan 2024
Since Google introduced Kotlin as an official programming language for developing Android apps in 2017, Kotlin has gained widespread adoption in Android development. However, compared to Java, there is limited support for Kotlin code dependency analysis, which is the foundation to software analysis. To bridge this gap, we developed Depends-Kotlin to extract entities and their dependencies in Kotlin source code. Not only does Depends-Kotlin support extracting entities' dependencies in Kotlin code, but it can also extract dependency relations between Kotlin and Java. The extraction of such cross-language dependencies can help developers understand the migration process from Java to Kotlin. Additionally, we used a Java project with confirmed dependencies as a benchmark and converted this project to two projects: Kotlin-only and a combination of Kotlin and Java. The dependencies in these two projects were then extracted using our tool. The consistency observed among dependency relations in all three projects confirms the accuracy of Depends-Kotlin. Furthermore, the performance of Depends-Kotlin was assessed using another three projects of varying sizes. The source code of Depends-Kotlin and the dataset used in this demo paper have been uploaded to We also provided a screencast presenting Depends-Kotlin
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