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Quantum entanglement transfer assisted via Duffing nonlinearity

D. R. Kenigoule MassembeleP. Djorw\'eAmarendra K. SarmaS. G. Nana Engo
Jan 2024
We propose a scheme to enhance quantum entanglement in optomechanical system that is based on Duffing nonlinearity. Our benchmark system consists of an electromagnetic field that is driving two mechanically coupled mechanical resonators. One of the mechanical resonators support a Duffing nonlinear term, while the other is free of it. The phonon hopping rate is $\theta$-phase-dependent that induces a synthetic magnetism, which triggers Exceptional Points (EPs) singularities in the system. Without the Duffing nonlinear term, the entanglement between the electromagnetic field and the mechanical resonators is generated. This entanglement features the sudden death and revival phenomenon, where the peaks happen at the multiple of $\theta=\frac{\pi}{2}$. As the Duffing nonlinearity is accounted, the bipartite entanglement involving the nonlinear resonator vanishes. However, there is an entanglement transfer from the resonator supporting the nonlinear term towards the one that is mechanically coupled to it. This nonlinearly induced entanglement is robust again thermal fluctuation, and more stable compared to what is generated without the nonlinear term. This work paves a way to a generation of quantum entanglement using nonlinear resources, enabling quantum technology such as quantum information processing, quantum sensing, and quantum computing in complex systems.
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