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Towards Generating Informative Textual Description for Neurons in Language Models

Shrayani MondalRishabh GarodiaArbaaz QureshiTaesung Lee and Youngja Park
Jan 2024
Recent developments in transformer-based language models have allowed them to capture a wide variety of world knowledge that can be adapted to downstream tasks with limited resources. However, what pieces of information are understood in these models is unclear, and neuron-level contributions in identifying them are largely unknown. Conventional approaches in neuron explainability either depend on a finite set of pre-defined descriptors or require manual annotations for training a secondary model that can then explain the neurons of the primary model. In this paper, we take BERT as an example and we try to remove these constraints and propose a novel and scalable framework that ties textual descriptions to neurons. We leverage the potential of generative language models to discover human-interpretable descriptors present in a dataset and use an unsupervised approach to explain neurons with these descriptors. Through various qualitative and quantitative analyses, we demonstrate the effectiveness of this framework in generating useful data-specific descriptors with little human involvement in identifying the neurons that encode these descriptors. In particular, our experiment shows that the proposed approach achieves 75% precision@2, and 50% recall@2
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