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DOI: 10.3847/2041-8213/ad1e4f

Three-dimensional velocity fields of the solar filament eruptions detected by CHASE

Ye QiuChuan LiYang GuoZhen LiMingde DingLinggao Kong
Jan 2024
The eruption of solar filaments, also known as prominences appearing off-limb, is a common phenomenon in the solar atmosphere. It ejects massive plasma and high-energy particles into interplanetary space, disturbing the solar-terrestrial environment. It is vital to obtain the three-dimensional velocity fields of erupting filaments for space-weather predictions. We derive the three-dimensional kinematics of an off-limb prominence and an on-disk filament, respectively, using the full-disk spectral and imaging data detected by the Chinese H$\alpha$ Solar Explorer (CHASE). It is found that both the prominence and the filament experience a fast semicircle-shaped expansion at first. The prominence keeps propagating outward with an increasing velocity until escaping successfully, whereas the south leg of the prominence finally moves back to the Sun in a swirling manner. For the filament, the internal plasma falls back to the Sun associated with an anticlockwise rotation in the late ejection, matching the failed eruption without a coronal mass ejection. During the eruptions, both the prominence and the filament show material splitting along the line-of-sight direction, revealed by the bimodal H$\alpha$ spectral profiles. For the prominence, the splitting begins at the top and gradually spreads to almost the whole prominence with a fast blue-shift component and a slow red-shift component. The material splitting in the filament is more fragmental. As shown by the present results, the CHASE full-disk spectroscopic observations make it possible to systematically study the three-dimensional kinematics of solar filament eruptions.
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