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Stochastic Hybrid System Modeling and State Estimation of Modern Power Systems under Contingency

Shuo YuanLe Yi WangGeorge YinMasoud H. Nazari
Jan 2024
This paper introduces a stochastic hybrid system (SHS) framework in state space model to capture sensor, communication, and system contingencies in modern power systems (MPS). Within this new framework, the paper concentrates on the development of state estimation methods and algorithms to provide reliable state estimation under randomly intermittent and noisy sensor data. MPSs employ diversified measurement devices for monitoring system operations that are subject to random measurement errors and rely on communication networks to transmit data whose channels encounter random packet loss and interruptions. The contingency and noise form two distinct and interacting stochastic processes that have a significant impact on state estimation accuracy and reliability. This paper formulates stochastic hybrid system models for MPSs, introduces coordinated observer design algorithms for state estimation, and establishes their convergence and reliability properties. A further study reveals a fundamental design tradeoff between convergence rates and steady-state error variances. Simulation studies on the IEEE 5-bus system and IEEE 33-bus system are used to illustrate the modeling methods, observer design algorithms, convergence properties, performance evaluations, and impact sensor system selections.
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