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Deep Learning for Multi-Label Learning: A Comprehensive Survey

Adane Nega TarekegnMohib UllahFaouzi Alaya Cheikh
Jan 2024
Multi-label learning is a rapidly growing research area that aims to predict multiple labels from a single input data point. In the era of big data, tasks involving multi-label classification (MLC) or ranking present significant and intricate challenges, capturing considerable attention in diverse domains. Inherent difficulties in MLC include dealing with high-dimensional data, addressing label correlations, and handling partial labels, for which conventional methods prove ineffective. Recent years have witnessed a notable increase in adopting deep learning (DL) techniques to address these challenges more effectively in MLC. Notably, there is a burgeoning effort to harness the robust learning capabilities of DL for improved modelling of label dependencies and other challenges in MLC. However, it is noteworthy that comprehensive studies specifically dedicated to DL for multi-label learning are limited. Thus, this survey aims to thoroughly review recent progress in DL for multi-label learning, along with a summary of open research problems in MLC. The review consolidates existing research efforts in DL for MLC,including deep neural networks, transformers, autoencoders, and convolutional and recurrent architectures. Finally, the study presents a comparative analysis of the existing methods to provide insightful observations and stimulate future research directions in this domain.
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