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The powerful lens galaxy cluster PLCK G287.0+32.9 (${\theta}_E \sim 43''$)

Maurizio D'AddonaAmata MercurioPiero Rosati ...+16 Eros Vanzella
Jan 2024
We present a new high-precision strong lensing model of PLCK G287.0$+$32.9, a massive lens galaxy cluster at $z=0.383$, with the aim to get an accurate estimation of its effective Einstein radius and total mass distribution. We also present a spectroscopic catalog containing accurate redshift measurements for 490 objects, including multiply-lensed sources and cluster member galaxies. We exploit high-quality spectroscopic data from three pointings of the VLT Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer, covering a central $3~\rm{arcmin}^2$ region of the cluster. We complete the spectroscopic catalog by including redshift measurements from VLT-VIMOS and KECK-DEIMOS. We identify 129 spectroscopic cluster member galaxies, with redshift values $0.360 \leq z \leq 0.405$ and $m_{\rm{F160W}} \leq 21$, and 24 photometric ones identified with a Convolutional Neural Network from ancillary HST imaging. We also identify 114 multiple images from 28 background sources, of which 84 images from 16 sources are new and the remaining ones were identified in previous work. The best-fitting lens model shows a root mean square separation value between the predicted and observed positions of the multiple images of $0.75''$, corresponding to an improvement in reconstructing the observed positions of the multiple images of a factor of $2.5$ with respect to previous models. Using the predictive power of our new lens model we find 3 new multiple images and we confirm the configuration of three systems of multiple images that were not used for the optimization of the model. The derived total mass distribution confirms this cluster to be a very prominent gravitational lens with an effective Einstein $\theta_{E} = \left( 43.41_{-0.06}^{+0.05} \right)''$, that is in agreement with previous estimates and corresponds to a total mass enclosed in the critical curve of $M_E = {3.33}_{-0.07}^{+0.02} \times{ 10^{14} M_\odot}$.
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