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Monomial barrier functions for the box-constrained convex optimization problems

Hatem Fayed
Jan 2024
In this article, a novel barrier function is introduced to convert the box-constrained convex optimization problem to an unconstrained problem. For each double-sided bounded variable, a single monomial function is added as a barrier function to the objective function. This function has the properties of being positive, approaching zero for the interior/boundary points and becomes very large for the exterior points as the penalty parameter approaches zero. The unconstrained problem can be solved efficiently using Newton's method with a backtracking line search. Experiments were conducted using the proposed method, the interior-point for the logarithmic barrier (IP), the trust-region reflective (TR) and the limited-memory Broyden, Fletcher, Goldfarb, and Shanno for bound constrained problems (LBFGSB) methods on the convex quadratic problems of the CUTEst collection. Although the proposed method was implemented in MATLAB, the results showed that it outperformed IP and TR for all problems. The results also showed that despite LBFGSB was the fastest method for many problems, it failed to converge to the optimal solution for some problems and took a very long time to terminate. On the other hand, the proposed method was the fastest method for such problems. Moreover, the proposed method has other advantages, such as: it is very simple and can be easily implemented and its performance is expected to be improved if it is implemented using a low-level language, such as C++ or FORTRAN on a GPU.
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