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Player Pressure Map -- A Novel Representation of Pressure in Soccer for Evaluating Player Performance in Different Game Contexts

Chaoyi GuJiaming NaYisheng PeiVaruna De Silva
Jan 2024
In soccer, contextual player performance metrics are invaluable to coaches. For example, the ability to perform under pressure during matches distinguishes the elite from the average. Appropriate pressure metric enables teams to assess players' performance accurately under pressure and design targeted training scenarios to address their weaknesses. The primary objective of this paper is to leverage both tracking and event data and game footage to capture the pressure experienced by the possession team in a soccer game scene. We propose a player pressure map to represent a given game scene, which lowers the dimension of raw data and still contains rich contextual information. Not only does it serve as an effective tool for visualizing and evaluating the pressure on the team and each individual, but it can also be utilized as a backbone for accessing players' performance. Overall, our model provides coaches and analysts with a deeper understanding of players' performance under pressure so that they make data-oriented tactical decisions.
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