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We're Not Using Videos Effectively: An Updated Domain Adaptive Video Segmentation Baseline

Simar KareerVivek VijaykumarHarsh MaheshwariPrithvijit ChattopadhyayJudy HoffmanViraj Prabhu
Feb 2024
There has been abundant work in unsupervised domain adaptation for semantic segmentation (DAS) seeking to adapt a model trained on images from a labeled source domain to an unlabeled target domain. While the vast majority of prior work has studied this as a frame-level Image-DAS problem, a few Video-DAS works have sought to additionally leverage the temporal signal present in adjacent frames. However, Video-DAS works have historically studied a distinct set of benchmarks from Image-DAS, with minimal cross-benchmarking. In this work, we address this gap. Surprisingly, we find that (1) even after carefully controlling for data and model architecture, state-of-the-art Image-DAS methods (HRDA and HRDA+MIC)} outperform Video-DAS methods on established Video-DAS benchmarks (+14.5 mIoU on Viper$\rightarrow$CityscapesSeq, +19.0 mIoU on Synthia$\rightarrow$CityscapesSeq), and (2) naive combinations of Image-DAS and Video-DAS techniques only lead to marginal improvements across datasets. To avoid siloed progress between Image-DAS and Video-DAS, we open-source our codebase with support for a comprehensive set of Video-DAS and Image-DAS methods on a common benchmark. Code available at
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