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Energetic comparison of exciton gas versus electron-hole plasma in a bilayer two-dimensional electron-hole system

Yi-Ting TuSeth M. DavisSankar Das Sarma
Feb 2024
We study the zero-temperature phase diagram of a symmetric electron-hole bilayer system by comparing the ground state energies of two distinct limiting cases, characterized by an electron-hole plasma or an exciton gas, respectively. For the electron-hole plasma, the random phase approximation is used; for the exciton gas, we consider three different approximations: the unscreened Coulomb interaction, the statically screened one, and the dynamically screened one under the plasmon-pole approximation. Our results suggest that the exciton gas is stable at small layer separation. However, static screening in general suppresses the formation of excitons, and dynamic screening gives different results depending on the representative energy scale we used in the plasmon-pole approximation. We conclude that energetic considerations alone are very sensitive to the approximation schemes, and the phase diagram of the system may depend crucially on exactly how the electron-hole attraction is treated in the theory. For very small and very large densities, however, all our approximations show the exciton gas to have lower energy than the plasma.
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