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Emo-Avatar: Efficient Monocular Video Style Avatar through Texture Rendering

Pinxin LiuLuchuan SongDaoan Zhang ...+4 Chenliang Xu
Feb 2024
Artistic video portrait generation is a significant and sought-after task in the fields of computer graphics and vision. While various methods have been developed that integrate NeRFs or StyleGANs with instructional editing models for creating and editing drivable portraits, these approaches face several challenges. They often rely heavily on large datasets, require extensive customization processes, and frequently result in reduced image quality. To address the above problems, we propose the Efficient Monotonic Video Style Avatar (Emo-Avatar) through deferred neural rendering that enhances StyleGAN's capacity for producing dynamic, drivable portrait videos. We proposed a two-stage deferred neural rendering pipeline. In the first stage, we utilize few-shot PTI initialization to initialize the StyleGAN generator through several extreme poses sampled from the video to capture the consistent representation of aligned faces from the target portrait. In the second stage, we propose a Laplacian pyramid for high-frequency texture sampling from UV maps deformed by dynamic flow of expression for motion-aware texture prior integration to provide torso features to enhance StyleGAN's ability to generate complete and upper body for portrait video rendering. Emo-Avatar reduces style customization time from hours to merely 5 minutes compared with existing methods. In addition, Emo-Avatar requires only a single reference image for editing and employs region-aware contrastive learning with semantic invariant CLIP guidance, ensuring consistent high-resolution output and identity preservation. Through both quantitative and qualitative assessments, Emo-Avatar demonstrates superior performance over existing methods in terms of training efficiency, rendering quality and editability in self- and cross-reenactment.
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