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Quantum fluctuation dynamics of open quantum systems with collective operator-valued rates, and applications to Hopfield-like networks

Eliana Fiorelli
Feb 2024
We consider a class of open quantum many-body systems that evolves in a Markovian fashion, the dynamical generator being in GKS-Lindblad form. Here, the Hamiltonian contribution is characterized by an all-to-all coupling, and the dissipation features local transitions that depend on collective, operator-valued rates, encoding average properties of the system. These types of generators can be formally obtained by generalizing, to the quantum realm, classical (mean-field) stochastic Markov dynamics, with state-dependent transitions. Focusing on the dynamics emerging in the limit of infinitely large systems, we build on the exactness of the mean-field equations for the dynamics of average operators. In this framework, we derive the dynamics of quantum fluctuation operators, that can be used in turn to understand the fate of quantum correlations in the system. We apply our results to quantum generalized Hopfield associative memories, showing that, asymptotically and at the mesoscopic scale only a very weak amount of quantum correlations, in the form of quantum discord, emerges beyond classical correlations.
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