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An Analytical Approach for Intermodal Urban Transportation Network Equilibrium including Shared Mobility Services

Khadidja KademMostafa AmeliMahdi ZargayounaLatifa Oukhellou
Feb 2024
Shared Mobility Services (SMSs) are reshaping urban transportation systems by providing flexible mobility options. With their capacity to decrease the number of cars on the roads, these services can potentially improve the transportation system's performance in terms of travel times and emissions. This emphasizes the importance of analyzing and understanding their impacts on the system and users' choices, especially when integrated into a complex multi-modal system, including public transport (PT). Many studies overlook the synergies between SMSs and PT, leading to inaccurate traffic estimations and planning. This research offers an exhaustive review of multi-modal transportation system models involving SMSs. We then introduce a traffic assignment analytical model framed as a Mixed-Integer Quadratic Problem (MIQP). This model comprises diverse travel possibilities, including SMSs, and handles intermodality by allowing commuters to combine modes to optimize time and monetary expense. An in-depth examination of commuters' behavior on two test cases and an analysis of the price of anarchy highlights the disparities between user equilibrium and system optimum in such intricate systems.
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