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Profiling and Modeling of Power Characteristics of Leadership-Scale HPC System Workloads

Ahmad Maroof KarimiNaw Safrin SattarWoong ShinFeiyi Wang
Feb 2024
In the exascale era in which application behavior has large power & energy footprints, per-application job-level awareness of such impression is crucial in taking steps towards achieving efficiency goals beyond performance, such as energy efficiency, and sustainability. To achieve these goals, we have developed a novel low-latency job power profiling machine learning pipeline that can group job-level power profiles based on their shapes as they complete. This pipeline leverages a comprehensive feature extraction and clustering pipeline powered by a generative adversarial network (GAN) model to handle the feature-rich time series of job-level power measurements. The output is then used to train a classification model that can predict whether an incoming job power profile is similar to a known group of profiles or is completely new. With extensive evaluations, we demonstrate the effectiveness of each component in our pipeline. Also, we provide a preliminary analysis of the resulting clusters that depict the power profile landscape of the Summit supercomputer from more than 60K jobs sampled from the year 2021.
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