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An electrically pumped topological polariton laser

Philipp GagelOleg A. EgorovFranciszek Dzimira ...+8 Sebastian Klembt
Feb 2024
With a seminal work of Raghu and Haldane in 2008, concepts of topology have been successfully introduced in a wide range of optical systems, emulating specific lattice Hamiltonians. Certainly, one of the most promising routes to an application of topological photonics in an actual device are topological lasers, where efficient and highly coherent lasing from a topologically non-trivial mode is achieved. While some attempts have been made to excite such structures electrically, the majority of published fundamental experiments use a form of laser excitation. In this paper, we use a lattice of vertical resonator polariton micropillars to form an exponentially localized topological Su-Schrieffer-Heeger defect. Upon electrical excitation of the p-i-n doped structure, the system unequivocally shows polariton lasing from the topological defect using a carefully placed gold contact. Despite the presence of doping and electrical contacts, the polariton band structure clearly preserves its topological properties. At high excitation power the Mott density is exceeded leading to highly efficient lasing in the weak coupling regime. This work is an important step towards applied topological lasers using vertical resonator microcavity structures.
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