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A double scaling for the 4d/3d reduction of $\mathcal{N}=1$ dualities

Antonio AmaritiAndrea Zanetti
Feb 2024
In this paper we revisit the $S^1$ reduction of 4d $\mathcal{N}=1$ gauge theories, considering a double scaling on the radius of the circle and on the real masses arising from the global symmetries in the compactification. We discuss the implication of this double scaling for SQCD with gauge algebra of ABCD type. We then show how our prescription translates in the reduction of the 4d superconformal index to the 3d squashed three sphere partition function. This allows us to derive the expected integral identities for the 3d dualities directly from the four dimensional ones. This is relevant for the study of orthogonal SQCD, where the derivation from the 4d index is not possible in absence of the double scaling, because of a divergence due to a flat direction in the Coulomb branch of the effective theory on the circle. Furthermore, we obtain, for the even orthogonal case, a 3d duality with a quadratic fundamental monopole superpotential already discussed in the literature, that receives in this way an explanation from 4d.
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