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Deep Clustering Using the Soft Silhouette Score: Towards Compact and Well-Separated Clusters

Georgios VardakasIoannis PapakostasAristidis Likas
Feb 2024
Unsupervised learning has gained prominence in the big data era, offering a means to extract valuable insights from unlabeled datasets. Deep clustering has emerged as an important unsupervised category, aiming to exploit the non-linear mapping capabilities of neural networks in order to enhance clustering performance. The majority of deep clustering literature focuses on minimizing the inner-cluster variability in some embedded space while keeping the learned representation consistent with the original high-dimensional dataset. In this work, we propose soft silhoutte, a probabilistic formulation of the silhouette coefficient. Soft silhouette rewards compact and distinctly separated clustering solutions like the conventional silhouette coefficient. When optimized within a deep clustering framework, soft silhouette guides the learned representations towards forming compact and well-separated clusters. In addition, we introduce an autoencoder-based deep learning architecture that is suitable for optimizing the soft silhouette objective function. The proposed deep clustering method has been tested and compared with several well-studied deep clustering methods on various benchmark datasets, yielding very satisfactory clustering results.
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