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Active Sourced Wavefield Modeling for Layered Half-Space

Mrinal BhaumikTarun Naskar
Feb 2024
Traditional free vibration-based forward models generate theoretical dispersion curves under the assumption of planar waves, neglecting the influence of the actual source-receiver configuration. While 2D/3D numerical wavefield modeling approaches mimic real-field scenarios with source-receiver information, they suffer from computational inefficiency. This study introduces a semi-analytical wavefield modeling approach incorporating source-receiver data acquisition layouts. The method considers a cylindrically spreading wavefield described by the Hankel function instead of the planer wave assumption. The approach considers both propagating waves characterized by real wavenumbers and decaying waves with complex wavenumbers, allowing for calculating surface displacements in both the far and near fields. The proposed model captures the complete wavefield, including source-offset effects and leaky waves, while maintaining computational efficiency comparable to any free vibration-based approaches. The method entails solving the eigenvalue problem constructed through the higher-order thin-layer method. Subsequently, it calculates the frequency domain vertical and radial surface responses at any desired location in space generated by a vertically positioned active source. The overall performance of the proposed method is investigated on diverse profiles, including regularly dispersive media, low-velocity layer models, and thin plate structures. The vertical and radial component dispersion images are validated against the numerical approach. The proposed method is at least two orders of magnitude faster than the numerical method. Notably, it captures the smooth transition of modal energy from the fundamental mode to higher modes, occurring due to modal osculation at low frequencies. The present approach offers a valuable tool to enhance the efficiency of active surface wave methods.
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