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A Low-Cost Multi-Band Waveform Security Framework in Resource-Constrained Communications

Tongyang XuZhongxiang WeiTianhua XuGan Zheng
Feb 2024
Traditional physical layer secure beamforming is achieved via precoding before signal transmission using channel state information (CSI). However, imperfect CSI will compromise the performance with imperfect beamforming and potential information leakage. In addition, multiple RF chains and antennas are needed to support the narrow beam generation, which complicates hardware implementation and is not suitable for resource-constrained Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices. Moreover, with the advancement of hardware and artificial intelligence (AI), low-cost and intelligent eavesdropping to wireless communications is becoming increasingly detrimental. In this paper, we propose a multi-carrier based multi-band waveform-defined security (WDS) framework, independent from CSI and RF chains, to defend against AI eavesdropping. Ideally, the continuous variations of sub-band structures lead to an infinite number of spectral features, which can potentially prevent brute-force eavesdropping. Sub-band spectral pattern information is efficiently constructed at legitimate users via a proposed chaotic sequence generator. A novel security metric, termed signal classification accuracy (SCA), is used to evaluate the security robustness under AI eavesdropping. Communication error probability and complexity are also investigated to show the reliability and practical capability of the proposed framework. Finally, compared to traditional secure beamforming techniques, the proposed multi-band WDS framework reduces power consumption by up to six times.
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