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Correlated Optical Convolutional Neural Network with Quantum Speedup

Yifan SunQian LiLing-Jun KongXiangdong Zhang
Feb 2024
Compared with electrical neural networks, optical neural networks (ONNs) have the potentials to break the limit of the bandwidth and reduce the consumption of energy, and therefore draw much attention in recent years. By far, several types of ONNs have been implemented. However, the current ONNs cannot realize the acceleration as powerful as that indicated by the models like quantum neural networks. How to construct and realize an ONN with the quantum speedup is a huge challenge. Here, we propose theoretically and demonstrate experimentally a new type of optical convolutional neural network by introducing the optical correlation. It is called the correlated optical convolutional neural network (COCNN). We show that the COCNN can exhibit quantum speedup in the training process. The character is verified from the two aspects. One is the direct illustration of the faster convergence by comparing the loss function curves of the COCNN with that of the traditional convolutional neural network (CNN). Such a result is compatible with the training performance of the recently proposed quantum convolutional neural network (QCNN). The other is the demonstration of the COCNNs capability to perform the QCNN phase recognition circuit, validating the connection between the COCNN and the QCNN. Furthermore, we take the COCNN analog to the 3-qubit QCNN phase recognition circuit as an example and perform an experiment to show the soundness and the feasibility of it. The results perfectly match the theoretical calculations. Our proposal opens up a new avenue for realizing the ONNs with the quantum speedup, which will benefit the information processing in the era of big data.
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