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From PARIS to LE-PARIS: Toward Patent Response Automation with Recommender Systems and Collaborative Large Language Models

Jung-Mei ChuHao-Cheng LoJieh HsiangChun-Chieh Cho
Feb 2024
In patent prosecution, timely and effective responses to Office Actions (OAs) are crucial for acquiring patents, yet past automation and AI research have scarcely addressed this aspect. To address this gap, our study introduces the Patent Office Action Response Intelligence System (PARIS) and its advanced version, the Large Language Model Enhanced PARIS (LE-PARIS). These systems are designed to expedite the efficiency of patent attorneys in collaboratively handling OA responses. The systems' key features include the construction of an OA Topics Database, development of Response Templates, and implementation of Recommender Systems and LLM-based Response Generation. Our validation involves a multi-paradigmatic analysis using the USPTO Office Action database and longitudinal data of attorney interactions with our systems over six years. Through five studies, we examine the constructiveness of OA topics (studies 1 and 2) using topic modeling and the proposed Delphi process, the efficacy of our proposed hybrid recommender system tailored for OA (both LLM-based and non-LLM-based) (study 3), the quality of response generation (study 4), and the practical value of the systems in real-world scenarios via user studies (study 5). Results demonstrate that both PARIS and LE-PARIS significantly meet key metrics and positively impact attorney performance.
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