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System Characterization of Dispersive Readout in Superconducting Qubits

Daniel SankAlex OpremcakAndreas Bengtsson ...+3 Alexander Korotkov
Feb 2024
Designing quantum systems with the measurement speed and accuracy needed for quantum error correction using superconducting qubits requires iterative design and test informed by accurate models and characterization tools. We introduce a single protocol, with few prerequisite calibrations, which measures the dispersive shift, resonator linewidth, and drive power used in the dispersive readout of superconducting qubits. We find that the resonator linewidth is poorly controlled with a factor of 2 between the maximum and minimum measured values, and is likely to require focused attention in future quantum error correction experiments. We also introduce a protocol for measuring the readout system efficiency using the same power levels as are used in typical qubit readout, and without the need to measure the qubit coherence. We routinely run these protocols on chips with tens of qubits, driven by automation software with little human interaction. Using the extracted system parameters, we find that a model based on those parameters predicts the readout signal to noise ratio to within 10% over a device with 54 qubits.
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