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Antineutrino Opacity in Neutron Stars in the Models Constrained by Recent Terrestrial Experiments and Astrophysical Observations

Parada T. P. Hutauruk
Nov 2023
In this paper, I investigate a neutral current (NC) antineutrinos scattering with neutron star (NS) matter constituents at zero temperature. The modeling of the standard matters in NS is constructed in the framework of both extended relativistic mean-field (E-RMF) and nonrelativistic Korea-IBS-Daegu-SKKU energy density functional (KIDS-EDF) models. In the E-RMF model, I use a new parameter of G3(M), which was constrained by the recent PREX II experiment measurement of neutron distribution of $^{208}\rm{Pb}$, while the KIDS-EDF models are constrained by terrestrial experiments, gravitational-wave signals, and astrophysical observations. Using both optimal and well-constrained matter models, I then calculate the antineutrino differential cross-section (ADCS) and antineutrino mean free path (AMFP) of the antineutrinos-NS matter constituents interaction using a linear response theory. One found that the AMFP for the KIDS0 and KIDSA models are smaller in comparison to the SLy4 model and the E-RMF model with the G3(M) parameter. The AMFP result of the SLy4 model is found almost similar prediction to that of the E-RMF model with the G3(M) parameter. Contributions of each nucleon to total AMFP are also presented for the G3(M) model.
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