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Confronting electroweak MSSM through one-loop renormalized neutralino-Higgs interactions for dark matter direct detection and muon $(g-2)$

Subhadip BisalArindam ChatterjeeDebottam DasSyed Adil Pasha
Nov 2023
We compute the next-to-leading order (NLO) corrections to the vertices where a pair of the lightest neutralino couples to CP-even (light or heavy) Higgs scalars. In particular, the lightest neutralino is assumed to be a dominantly Bino-like mixed state, composed of Bino and Higgsino or Bino, Wino, and Higgsino. After computing all the three-point functions in the electroweak MSSM, we detail the contributions from the counterterms that arise in renormalizing these vertices in one-loop order. The amendment of the renormalized vertices impacts the spin-independent direct detection cross-sections of the scattering of nucleons with dark matter. We perform a comprehensive numerical scan over the parameter space where all the points satisfy the present B-physics constraints and accommodate the muon's anomalous magnetic moment. Finally, we exemplify a few benchmark points, which indulge the present searches of supersymmetric particles. After including the renormalized one-loop vertices, the spin-independent DM-nucleon cross-sections may be enhanced up to $20\%$ compared to its tree-level results. Finally, with the NLO cross-section, we use the recent LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) results on the neutralino-nucleon scattering to display the relative rise in the lowest allowed band of the Higgsino mass parameter in the $M_1-\mu$ plane of the electroweak MSSM.
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