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Fast multiplication by two's complement addition of numbers represented as a set of polynomial radix 2 indexes, stored as an integer list for massively parallel computation

Mark Stocks
Nov 2023
We demonstrate a multiplication method based on numbers represented as set of polynomial radix 2 indices stored as an integer list. The 'polynomial integer index multiplication' method is a set of algorithms implemented in python code. We demonstrate the method to be faster than both the Number Theoretic Transform (NTT) and Karatsuba for multiplication within a certain bit range. Also implemented in python code for comparison purposes with the polynomial radix 2 integer method. We demonstrate that it is possible to express any integer or real number as a list of integer indices, representing a finite series in base two. The finite series of integer index representation of a number can then be stored and distributed across multiple CPUs / GPUs. We show that operations of addition and multiplication can be applied as two's complement additions operating on the index integer representations and can be fully distributed across a given CPU / GPU architecture. We demonstrate fully distributed arithmetic operations such that the 'polynomial integer index multiplication' method overcomes the current limitation of parallel multiplication methods. Ie, the need to share common core memory and common disk for the calculation of results and intermediate results.
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