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Connecting microscopic and mesoscopic mechanics in model structural glasses

David Richard
Nov 2023
We present a novel formalism to characterize elastic heterogeneities in amorphous solids. In particular, we derive high-order strain-energy expansions for pairwise energies under athermal quasistatic dynamics. We then use the presented formalism to study the statistical properties of pairwise expansion coefficients and their link with the statistics of soft, quasilocalized modes, for a wide range of formation histories in both two- and three-dimensional systems. We further exploit the presented framework to access local yield stress maps by performing a non-linear stress-strain expansion within a cavity embedded in a frozen matrix. We show that our "bond micromechanics" compare well with the original "frozen matrix" method, with the caveat of overestimating large stress activations. We additionally show how local yield rules can be used as input for a scalar elasto-plastic model (EPM) to predict the stress response of materials ranging from ductile to brittle. Finally, we highlight some of the limits of simple mesoscale models in capturing the aging dynamics of post-yielding systems. Intriguingly, we observe subdiffusive and diffusive shearband growths for particle-based simulations and EPMs, respectively.
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