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Measurement Free Approach towards Dynamic Construction of a Shallow Depth Ansatz for Molecular Energetics in Noisy Quantum Computers

Dipanjali HalderDibyendu MondalRahul Maitra
Nov 2023
Recent advances in quantum information and quantum science have inspired the development of various compact dynamic structured ansatze that are expected to be realizable in the Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) devices. However, such ansatze construction strategies hitherto developed involve considerable pre-circuit measurements, and thus they deviate significantly in NISQ platform from their ideal structures. It is thus imperative that the usage of quantum resources must be minimized while retaining the expressivity and dynamical structure of the ansatz that can tailor itself depending on the degree of strong correlation. We propose a novel ansatz construction strategy based on the \textit{ab-initio} many-body perturbation theory that requires \textit{no} pre-circuit measurement and thus it remains structurally unaffected by any hardware noise. The accuracy and quantum complexity associated with the ansatz are solely dictated by a pre-defined perturbative order as desired and hence are tunable. Furthermore, the underlying perturbative structure of the ansatz construction pipeline enables us to decompose any high-rank excitation that appears in higher perturbative orders into various low-rank operators, and thus keeps the execution gate-depth to its minimum. With a number of challenging applications on strongly correlated system, we demonstrate that our ansatz performs significantly better, both in terms of accuracy, parameter count and circuit depth, in comparison to the allied unitary coupled cluster based ansatze.
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