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The Software Genome Project: Venture to the Genomic Pathways of Open Source Software and Its Applications

Yueming WuChengwei LiuYang Liu
Nov 2023
With the boom in modern software development, open-source software has become an integral part of various industries, driving progress in computer science. However, the immense complexity and diversity of the open-source ecosystem also pose a series of challenges, including issues of quality, security, management, maintenance, compliance, and sustainability. Existing open-source governance approaches, while excelling in community building and collaboration, still face shortcomings in decentralized management, security, and maintenance. To address these challenges, inspired by the Human Genome Project, we treat the software source code as software DNA and propose the \textbf{Software Genome Project}, which is geared towards the secure monitoring and exploitation of open-source software. By identifying and labeling integrated and classified code features at a fine-grained level, and effectively identifying safeguards for functional implementations and non-functional requirements at different levels of granularity, Software Genome Project builds a complete set of software genome maps to help developers and managers gain a deeper understanding of software complexity and diversity. By dissecting and summarizing functional and undesirable genes, Software Genome Project helps facilitate targeted software remediation and optimization, provides valuable insight and understanding of the entire software ecosystem, and supports critical development tasks such as technology selection and open source governance. This project is expected to drive the evolution of software development towards more efficient, reliable, and sustainable software solutions.
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