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INTERVENOR: Prompt the Coding Ability of Large Language Models with the Interactive Chain of Repairing

Hanbin WangZhenghao LiuShuo Wang ...+3 Ge Yu
Nov 2023
This paper proposes INTERactiVE chaiN Of Repairing (INTERVENOR), which mimics human code repairing behavior (iteratively judging, rethinking, and repairing) and prompts the coding ability of regard Large Language Models (LLMs). Specifically, INTERVENOR employs two LLM based agents, Code Learner and Code Teacher, to play different roles in code repairing and work interactively to repair the generated codes. The Code Learner is asked to generate and repair code according to the instructions from the Code Teacher. The Code Teacher rethinks the code errors according to the corresponding feedback from compilers and iteratively generates the chain-of-repairing (CoR) to guide the code repairing process for Code Learner. Our experiments show that INTERVENOR outperforms the state-of-the-art methods and achieves about 13% and 4.5% improvements over the GPT-3.5 model in code generation and code translation tasks, respectively. Our further analyses show that CoR can illuminate the bug reasons and solution plans via natural language. Thanks to the feedback of code compilers, INTERVENOR can accurately identify the syntax errors and assertion errors in the code and provide precise instructions to repair codes, making LLMs achieve the plateau performance with only three repairing turns. All data and codes are available at
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