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How Far Can We Extract Diverse Perspectives from Large Language Models? Criteria-Based Diversity Prompting!

Shirley Anugrah HayatiMinhwa LeeDheeraj RajagopalDongyeop Kang
Nov 2023
Collecting diverse human data on subjective NLP topics is costly and challenging. As Large Language Models (LLMs) have developed human-like capabilities, there is a recent trend in collaborative efforts between humans and LLMs for generating diverse data, offering potential scalable and efficient solutions. However, the extent of LLMs' capability to generate diverse perspectives on subjective topics remains an unexplored question. In this study, we investigate LLMs' capacity for generating diverse perspectives and rationales on subjective topics, such as social norms and argumentative texts. We formulate this problem as diversity extraction in LLMs and propose a criteria-based prompting technique to ground diverse opinions and measure perspective diversity from the generated criteria words. Our results show that measuring semantic diversity through sentence embeddings and distance metrics is not enough to measure perspective diversity. To see how far we can extract diverse perspectives from LLMs, or called diversity coverage, we employ a step-by-step recall prompting for generating more outputs from the model in an iterative manner. As we apply our prompting method to other tasks (hate speech labeling and story continuation), indeed we find that LLMs are able to generate diverse opinions according to the degree of task subjectivity.
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