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Properties of Nb\_xTi\_{(1-x)}N thin films deposited on 300 mm silicon wafers for upscaling superconducting digital circuits

Daniel P\'erez LozanoJean-Philippe Souli\'eBlake Hodges ...+6 Anna Herr
Nov 2023
Scaling superconducting digital circuits requires fundamental changes in the current material set and fabrication process. The transition to 300 mm wafers and the implementation of advanced lithography are instrumental in facilitating mature CMOS processes, ensuring uniformity, and optimizing the yield. This study explores the properties of NbxTi(1-x)N films fabricated by magnetron DC sputtering on 300 mm Si wafers. As a promising alternative to traditional Nb in device manufacturing, NbxTi(1-x)N offers numerous advantages, including enhanced stability and scalability to smaller dimensions, in both processing and design. As a ternary material, NbxTi(1-x)N allows engineering material parameters by changing deposition conditions. The engineered properties can be used to modulate device parameters through the stack and mitigate failure modes. We report characterization of NbxTi(1-x)N films at less than 2% thickness variability, 2.4% Tc variability and 3% composition variability. The films material properties such as resistivity (140-375 {\Omega}cm) and critical temperature Tc (4.6 K - 14.1 K) are correlated with stoichiometry and morphology of the films. Our results highlight the significant influence of deposition conditions on crystallographic texture along the films and its correlation with Tc.
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