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Graph-Guided Reasoning for Multi-Hop Question Answering in Large Language Models

Jinyoung ParkAmeen PatelOmar Zia KhanHyunwoo J. KimJoo-Kyung Kim
Nov 2023
Chain-of-Thought (CoT) prompting has boosted the multi-step reasoning capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs) by generating a series of rationales before the final answer. We analyze the reasoning paths generated by CoT and find two issues in multi-step reasoning: (i) Generating rationales irrelevant to the question, (ii) Unable to compose subquestions or queries for generating/retrieving all the relevant information. To address them, we propose a graph-guided CoT prompting method, which guides the LLMs to reach the correct answer with graph representation/verification steps. Specifically, we first leverage LLMs to construct a "question/rationale graph" by using knowledge extraction prompting given the initial question and the rationales generated in the previous steps. Then, the graph verification step diagnoses the current rationale triplet by comparing it with the existing question/rationale graph to filter out irrelevant rationales and generate follow-up questions to obtain relevant information. Additionally, we generate CoT paths that exclude the extracted graph information to represent the context information missed from the graph extraction. Our graph-guided reasoning method shows superior performance compared to previous CoT prompting and the variants on multi-hop question answering benchmark datasets.
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