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Plug-In RIS: A Novel Approach to Fully Passive Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces

Mahmoud RaeisiIbrahim YildirimMehmet Cagri IlterMajid GeramiErtugrul Basar
Nov 2023
This paper presents a promising design concept for reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RISs), named plug-in RIS, wherein the RIS is plugged into an appropriate position in the environment, adjusted once according to the location of both base station and blocked region, and operates with fixed beams to enhance the system performance. The plug-in RIS is a novel system design, streamlining RIS-assisted millimeter-wave (mmWave) communication without requiring decoupling two parts of the end-to-end channel, traditional control signal transmission, and online RIS configuration. In plug-in RIS-aided transmission, the transmitter efficiently activates specific regions of the divided large RIS by employing hybrid beamforming techniques, each with predetermined phase adjustments tailored to reflect signals to desired user locations. This user-centric approach enhances connectivity and overall user experience by dynamically illuminating the targeted user based on location. By introducing plug-in RIS's theoretical framework, design principles, and performance evaluation, we demonstrate its potential to revolutionize mmWave communications in limited channel state information (CSI) scenarios. Simulation results illustrate that plug-in RIS provides power/cost-efficient solutions to overcome blockage in the mmWave communication system and a striking convergence in average bit error rate and achievable rate performance with traditional full CSI-enabled RIS solutions.
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