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Entangling gates on degenerate spin qubits dressed by a global field

Ingvild HansenAmanda E. SeedhouseSantiago Serrano ...+11 Chih Hwan Yang
Nov 2023
Coherently dressed spins have shown promising results as building blocks for future quantum computers owing to their resilience to environmental noise and their compatibility with global control fields. This mode of operation allows for more amenable qubit architecture requirements and simplifies signal routing on the chip. However, multi-qubit operations, such as qubit addressability and two-qubit gates, are yet to be demonstrated to establish global control in combination with dressed qubits as a viable path to universal quantum computing. Here we demonstrate simultaneous on-resonance driving of degenerate qubits using a global field while retaining addressability for qubits with equal Larmor frequencies. Furthermore, we implement SWAP oscillations during on-resonance driving, constituting the demonstration of driven two-qubit gates. Significantly, our findings highlight the fragility of entangling gates between superposition states and how dressing can increase the noise robustness. These results represent a crucial milestone towards global control operation with dressed qubits. It also opens a door to interesting spin physics on degenerate spins.
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