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GEE! Grammar Error Explanation with Large Language Models

Yixiao SongKalpesh KrishnaRajesh BhattKevin GimpelMohit Iyyer
Nov 2023
Grammatical error correction tools are effective at correcting grammatical errors in users' input sentences but do not provide users with \textit{natural language} explanations about their errors. Such explanations are essential for helping users learn the language by gaining a deeper understanding of its grammatical rules (DeKeyser, 2003; Ellis et al., 2006). To address this gap, we propose the task of grammar error explanation, where a system needs to provide one-sentence explanations for each grammatical error in a pair of erroneous and corrected sentences. We analyze the capability of GPT-4 in grammar error explanation, and find that it only produces explanations for 60.2% of the errors using one-shot prompting. To improve upon this performance, we develop a two-step pipeline that leverages fine-tuned and prompted large language models to perform structured atomic token edit extraction, followed by prompting GPT-4 to generate explanations. We evaluate our pipeline on German and Chinese grammar error correction data sampled from language learners with a wide range of proficiency levels. Human evaluation reveals that our pipeline produces 93.9% and 98.0% correct explanations for German and Chinese data, respectively. To encourage further research in this area, we will open-source our data and code.
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