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An elementary model for an advancing autoignition front in laminar reactive co-flow jets injected into supercritical water

Amanda MatsonMichael C. HicksUday G. HegdePeter V. Gordon
Nov 2023
In this paper we formulate and analyze an elementary model for the propagation of advancing autoignition fronts in reactive co-flow fuel/oxidizer jets injected into an aqueous environment at high pressure. This work is motivated by the experimental studies of autoignition of hydrothermal flames performed at the high pressure laboratory of NASA Glenn Research Center. Guided by experimental observations, we use several simplifying assumptions that allow the derivation of a simple, still experimentally feasible, mathematical model for the propagation of advancing ignition fronts. The model consists of a single diffusion-absorption-advection equation posed in an infinite cylindrical domain with a non-linear condition on the boundary of the cylinder and describes the temperature distribution within the jet. This model manifests an interplay of thermal diffusion, advection and volumetric heat loss within a fuel jet which are balanced by the weak chemical reaction on the jet's boundary. We analyze the model by means of asymptotic and numerical techniques and discuss feasible regimes of propagation of advancing ignition fronts. In particular, we show that in the most interesting parametric regime when the advancing ignition front is on the verge of extinction this model reduces to a one dimensional reaction-diffusion equation with bistable non-linearity. We hope that the present study will be helpful for the interpretation of existing experimental data and guiding of future experiments.
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