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Labeled Interactive Topic Models

Kyle SeelmanMozhi ZhangJordan Boyd-Graber
Nov 2023
Topic models help users understand large document collections; however, topic models do not always find the ``right'' topics. While classical probabilistic and anchor-based topic models have interactive variants to guide models toward better topics, such interactions are not available for neural topic models such as the embedded topic model (\abr{etm}). We correct this lacuna by adding an intuitive interaction to neural topic models: users can label a topic with a word, and topics are updated so that the topic words are close to the label. This allows a user to refine topics based on their information need. While, interactivity is intuitive for \abr{etm}, we extend this framework to work with other neural topic models as well. We develop an interactive interface which allows users to interact and relabel topic models as they see fit. We evaluate our method through a human study, where users can relabel topics to find relevant documents. Using our method, user labeling improves document rank scores, helping to find more relevant documents to a given query when compared to no user labeling.
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