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Non-conservation and conservation for different formulations of moist potential vorticity

Parvathi KoolothLeslie M. SmithSamuel N. Stechmann
Nov 2023
Potential vorticity (PV) is one of the most important quantities in atmospheric science. The PV of each fluid parcel is known to be conserved in the case of a dry atmosphere. However, a parcel's PV is not conserved if clouds or phase changes of water occur. Recently, PV conservation laws were derived for a cloudy atmosphere, where each parcel's PV is not conserved but parcel-integrated PV is conserved, for integrals over certain volumes that move with the flow. Hence a variety of different statements are now possible for moist PV conservation and non-conservation, and in comparison to the case of a dry atmosphere, the situation for moist PV is more complex. Here, in light of this complexity, several different definitions of moist PV are compared for a cloudy atmosphere. Numerical simulations are shown for a rising thermal, both before and after the formation of a cloud. These simulations include the first computational illustration of the parcel-integrated, moist PV conservation laws. The comparisons, both theoretical and numerical, serve to clarify and highlight the different statements of conservation and non-conservation that arise for different definitions of moist PV.
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